We have been helping our clients to succeed for many years. No matter if you were a big corporation or a young startup, we strive to help you.


We believe that great design is the way to success today. Development is nothing without perfect design and the design itself is dead without a working app.


We use the latest technologies for your profit. We can help you build your mobile apps and we can code the best web applications for you as well.


Sketches to projects

  • Form Signer
  • Moredays
  • Yournaline
  • Pocketmega
  • Rundotodo
  • Virtual Training
  • Customeed
  • Alpha Omega
  • Good Sailors
  • Mimmio
  • Geocaching
  • Energomonitor
  • Form Signer
  • Geocaching
  • Pocketmega
  • Moredays
  • Hello.
  • Betty Games
  • Billberries
  • Ship Mate
  • Syscae

About us

We work, We grow

Back in 2011, two experienced entrepreneurs - our current co-founders Filip Molcan and Miloslav Novak founded Czechgeeks. Filip has more than 10 years of experiences from software development and Miloslav has been working in IT from 1990. The reason why they founded Czechgeeks was to build a strong team of great developers and designers. We strive to connect development and design to help our clients make great products. Currently we have almost 20 employees and we work with the best startups, enterprise clients and we make our own products. Inspired by nature, our HQ is located in Bohemian Switzerland National Park. Currently we operate in Europe and United States.

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